Importance of Following Newborn Guide

I cannot stress the importance of following our newborn guide.  This helps baby and you get prepared for the best possible session.  It is crucial that baby is nice and sleepy for their session in order to get the beautiful squishy poses that you see everywhere.

Viroqua WI Photographer | LaCrosse WI Photographer

If the session is in your home – make sure to have the heat between 80-85 degrees – if we aren’t sweating it’s not hot enough for baby.  Babies aren’t used to being naked so having a warm area for them is important to keep them nice and sleepy.

When coming to my in-home studio make sure to dress accordingly.  I usually tell everyone to wear layers that they are able to take off – everyone’s body runs differently, being able to put on and take off clothes to help you feel comfortable is important for you to relax.

I highly encourage you to bring anything that you would like incorporated into the session.

Viroqua WI Photographer | LaCrosse WI Photographer




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