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Viroqua WI Photographer | LaCrosse WI Photographer

I want to widen my portfolio with lifestyle sessions. Lifestyle photography allows family to have a day in their life captured. Whether you are baking cookies with your little ones, giving them a bath in your kitchen sink, or just lounging around in your pajamas playing family games – hide-n-seek or peek-a-boo with baby. These are moments that I want to capture more of. I absolutely love to captures these moments of my daily life with my three little ones and I want to capture them for your family.

Viroqua WI Photographer | LaCrosse WI Photographer

Everyone interacts so differently and seeing everyone in their own environment is one of my favorite happy places. Let me in to tell your story and share the most precious moments in your life to enjoy for a lifetime and look back on that moment and remember that sweet giggle of your children or that break down that baby has because she is so tired.

Viroqua WI Photographer | LaCrosse WI Photographer

This is the day in the life of my family. I couldn’t imagine not being able to capture these moments with them – although I am behind the lens my main goal for 2015 is to get in front with my children. The boy who loves to run around in his underwear and that’s all playing with his toy guns and swords.  Acting like a power-ranger, ninja-turtle and fighting naps.

Viroqua WI Photographer | LaCrosse WI Photographer




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