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I wear many hats throughout life; full-time Mommy, photographer, and communications director. I must admit, sometimes we bite off more than we can chew and end up in over our head. There are days where I feel great, all my work is done for my job, my photography stuff is updated and done, and my house is clean.

Then there are days that are nothing but chaos and fly by so fast that I feel as though I accomplished absolutely NOTHING. Today is one of those days. My house is in chaos because we just moved, so nothing is where it needs to be. We just moved in, 10 days ago to be exact, so I do not know exactly where everything is or needs to be yet. We have plenty of things to keep us busy and to get our house in order and it’s just very overwhelming at this moment.

Creating lists have been my life-saver. I like to see that things crossed off and done so we can move onto the next thing.   In my job, I do the same thing – make sure that I prioritize things and then go down the list. Well without a place for my list (my desk) – my living room has been my area of chaos. My husband ALWAYS makes fun of me for having so many lists but I NEED them, we need them – they are truly a blessing in our home whether he wants to admit it or not.

Routine was and is one of the best things that have come into my life. I live in organized chaos at all times it seems. Having the kids on a routine has helped me accomplish everything more smoothly, dinner at 6, bathtime after dinner, and then they have an hour of quiet time and 8 o’clock they are asleep. NOW, that is not happening, we need to get back into that routine for the kids and ourselves.

One thing sitting here in the dark and silence is that I have found peace in the chaos. I may yell at my children when I become overwhelmed or they become too much sometimes with the constant bickering. But one thing I remember is that this chaotic, beautiful thing is MY LIFE and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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