What to Wear

 Not quite sure what to wear for your session?

Here are a few things NOT to wear:

-Bright white shirts (especially both, matching white shirts)

-Too crazy of a pattern and very bright colors

-Shirts that contain logos on them

-Matching shirts (coordinate do not match)

-Ski jackets or a jacket with logos or writing (for winter/cold weather sessions)

What will look best?

The main thing is to be the most comfortable in whatever you decide to wear, it will show in your photos.  Don’t be scared of color.  Don’t be scared to dress up.  Don’t be scared to do an outfit change.  Try to stick with the theme of your location, so if you are wanting an urban setting dress it up a little.  If you are in a nature theme, make sure to not dress too business-like.

Things that I enjoy to see:

Solids and/or simple patterns

Little black dress

Jeans and a nice dress top

Pop of color (scarf, shoes, jewelery)


For some ideas on what to wear – go to www.pinterest.com/beitsertphoto


Make sure to bring additional shoes if you plan on wearing more dressy shoes, we may be walking more than what you think.




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